Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nice Weekend

I went over to the court clerk’s office Friday and was able to get removed from the jury duty assignment. I was prepared to have to remain on it but was very happy things worked out. The clerk didn’t even look at my airline tickets.

Judy went to a new spa Sat. morning for a pedicure and I hung out at the Black Bird Coffee Shoppe.  She told me she was very pleased with the service. 

We left Milledgeville for her brother Mike’s retirement party about 3:00 PM. Mike just retired, capping off 34 years as a truck driver. It was more like forty years as he started working for Overnight Trucking on the docks part time at age fourteen.  Technically he retired from UPS because they bought Overnight out a few years back.

The retirement cake

Mike and Judy

I did my good deed for the week real early today.  Most of the time I get up way before Judy and today was no different. I got up at 6:30 and went into the kitchen to put on the coffee.  I looked out the window towards the boathouse and saw a boat just off my dock.  On a second look I realized there was nobody in it.  Even though it was raining I walked down to the dock and got control of the loose boat and secured it to my dock. I knew who ever the boat was owned by would eventually be looking for it. They showed up about an hour later to retrieve it. The owner was very grateful.

For  relaxation Judy and I went to the movie. We saw the new Bourne Legacy movie. It was ok, much like the other three. After the movie we came back home and watched a little TV.

The Bourne Legacy

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