Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Beautiful Day

It has been a beautiful day here at the park. The temps have moderated and the humidity is low. We love Mondays because we pretty much have the park to ourselves. Only one camper (Connie and Don) had a site reserved.  One camper “drive-in” showed up about 2:00 PM. He only registered for one day but said he may stay a couple of more days. 

 Judy got a head start on her “week-ending “routine; washed/dried some clothes at the park washer/dryers. I manned the office and even washed the outside Ice Box, it really needed it. Mostly though we just enjoyed a great day. To top it off I used the charcoal grill to cook my favorite meal – hotdogs & hamburgers. That even tops the steak dinner we had earlier in the week.  I am truly just a simple man and easily pleased.

Day Use Area

Connie and Don checked into the park around 5:00 PM. After getting settled in they launched their boat and toured parts of the lake.

Don and Connie's Motor Home 

 Connie and Don at the park boat ramp

Connie and Don stopped by the office about 8:30 after having supper at one of the nearby eateries.  Judy and I enjoyed hearing about their workamper experiences. We picked up a lot of valuable info and some ideas about some areas to visit.  I hope they enjoy their week’s stay at the park and will come back next year.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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