Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good and Bad News

Judy and I are back at the park for our last work week.  This has been a great workamper job so we have agreed to come back next March.  Mike, our boss, who we rarely see informed us yesterday that we will be opening the park. The park usually opens Mar. 15th but next year it is going to open Mar. 1st.  so we will be opening a full two weeks earlier.

While we were driving to the park Tuesday we received a call from our realtor. He removed the realtor signs from our yard since our contract is up.  He also informed us that the home owner next door was negotiating with his bank to agree to a “short sell” of his house. I know he paid $300,000.00+ for it about five or six years ago. The home was used as an occasional week end place from him and his drinking buddies and girl friends. His wife didn’t like that arrangement so she moved out of their $750,000.00 home in Peachtree City near Atlanta and purchased a home in Alabama. The home in Peachtree City was “short sold” for about half price. Our realtor indicated the lake home would “short sell” for around $227,000.00 with a possible further price reduction of 12%, if it doesn’t sell within 5 mo. the house will go into foreclosure. This is an example of what homeowners who pay their mortgage are competing with. That is why we decided to keep the house because we are not going to a 40%-50% loss on the house. I will be doing my part on Nov. the 6th to bring about economic change.

The realtor also told us he knew two young men who moving out of their lake rental because the owner had sold it and they need a new rental. Judy told him that we would rent them our house. After more information was exchanged, Judy and I realized that it was the same two men that had contacted us last Aug. to see if we would rent to them. The timing was not right at that time because we were in the process of refinancing our house.  We however check them out. They both had responsible employment and Judy’s assistant actually knew one of them. Our realtor called them and they went to look at the house again. One of the young men wants to discuss it with his girlfriend over the weekend. We should know something by Monday. If they do rent it Judy and I will be very busy getting our personal stuff out. We are going to rent if furnished.

I washed and waxed my truck Wed. and Thur. I didn’t want to overdo it in the heat. I have found I’m not as young as I once was. I plan to wash and wax the Cardinal also. I am not looking forward to doing the top though.
The campground host can always find a shady site to wax and buff the truck

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  1. Sorry to hear about your house :( Maybe getting it rented out for awhile will get you by until the economy turns the corner (if it ever does!).