Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Potential Problem?

Judy and I are back on the job at Blanton Creek. We drove over leisurely yesterday making a couple of stops along the way.  The first stop was at the “Ole Time Buffet” in Macon. It serves country cookin at its finest.  Judy and I do try to keep this type of eateries to a minimum. The next stop was at Wal Mart on Eisenhower Prk Way (US 80).  I only mention the location for our local readers.  Once Judy returned she said "in the future we are going to get all of our shopping done before we return to the park."  It is just too tiring on the day we are returning.

As we were driving through Talbaton I happened to see a sight that irritated me.  It was a large gathering of folks at a van and vendors tent taking advantage of the “Get your Free Cell Phone Here” message on the banner. Of course there is nothing free, someone is paying for it and I am one of the someones! Each time I pay my phone bill a portion is assessed to pay for those free phones and the free 250 minutes of service. If it is for emergencies, the phone should only be capable of connecting to 911 and I don’t think it would require 250 minutes.  I wanted to get a picture but Judy refused to take it and I was driving.

Things are slow at the park and will be slow until the weekend. The park was inspected today by other GA Power Park’s land management specialist. It didn’t have anything to do with operations so we weren’t involved.  One potential problem for the park is a failing hot water heater in the comfort station.  The tank is leaking at a higher rate than it was when Judy and I were last on duty.  I think a new heater has been ordered. I escorted a local plumbing representative to take a look at it so he can bid on the installation of the new one. I just hope it is repaired before Memorial Day weekend. It would be a bad situation with a full park of campers.

The Leaker
Judy grilled our first steak of the season. It was delicious.  I am sure there will be many more before Labor Day. That is all for now.

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