Wednesday, May 23, 2012

System Success

Tue was the day I chose to test out the “black tank” flushing system.  I scheduled it for Tue because that is the last day of our shift and the day I dump the black water tank.  I’m still getting use to some of the systems on the RV.  If you aren’t sure of just what is contained in the black tank, think of the movie RV with Robin Williams.  At any rate, it has to be done and Judy has decided anything involving “crap” is going to be my job.

Hose attached to tank flush connector

 Ready to empty - you don't want to see what came out!

I am pleased to report the flushing system performed as designed and the tank was adequately cleaned.

The rest of the day went great.  We were relieved by Ed and Char and were home by 8:45 PM.  Before we adjusted the turnover time we would not have gotten home before 11:45 PM.  Once home, we immediately went in and watched the dvred finale of American Idol.  I think it is going to be Phillip Phillips in the end.

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  1. Even though I know I should...I leave all that 'crap' to George. Should be a husband's job, right?!