Monday, May 21, 2012

Summers on the Way

It was a super weekend at Blanton Creek Park.  As summer gets closer people are coming out to the park in larger numbers.  The weekend “Day Use” at the park has been increasing steadily as we get closer to “Memorial Day” weekend. The park is completely booked for the holiday.  We had to say “sorry we are full” to a lot of callers this week.  I guess the adage – “If you snooze you lose” applies. Many of the park day users come to launch their boats or PWCs at our double boat launch ramp. At $3.00 it is a good deal. The picnic pavilion was rented Sat and Sun.  Many non-campers come to use the picnic area or just to fish.  

Judy and I were the recipients of two great meals on Sat and Sunday - The Whitaker/ O’Neil family reunion and the Nazarene Baptist Church. Both groups told us they had a great time.

Thanks Whitaker/O'neil Families

Judy loves it when someone else cooks!

Nazarine Bapt. had a great time

Saturday was a good day to continue learning about our Cardinal fifth wheel. Although we purchased (repo) it around last Thanksgiving we did not have time to use it any until we came to work here in mid March.  I put the electric awning out for the first time.  Judy was happy with it and that is all that matters. The next system I am going to check out is the “black Tank” flush system on Tue.

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  1. Nice! We love our awning, although we don't leave it out all the time. We are always worried about the wind. It does keep the RV cooler with the sun beating down on that side.

    1. Temps are forcast to be in the 90's so I think we will be deploying the awning when we return to the park. It is nice to know that the awning will help keep the temps in the RV a little lower.