Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Tue AM

It has already been a busy Tue AM. Today will be a travel day to Blanton Creek Park. Judy and I were up at 6:00 AM to give us a little extra time to do some finishing cleaning touches on the house. Of course I thought it was already clean enough. I vacuumed the house again and Judy did the things she doesn't trust me to do.

Judy had a "cut and color" appointment with Amy at Designing Line Salon at 10:30. I am using the time to get a little of the blog written while relaxing at the Black Bird Coffee Shoppe and listening to some vintage Fleetwood Mack ,Simon and Garfunkel, and Neil Diamond. I plan to post what I get written when Judy calls me to come pick her up. I'll finish when I get to the park
We spent most of Monday packing up things in the guest bedroom closet. One reason it took so long was it contained many boxes of accumulated photos of our thirty seven and a half years together. The best way to get rid of photos is to simply pick up the box or album and toss it. No not the Wedding Album! If you look at the photos you spend a lot of time returning to the past, when you were a lot thinner. Judy had a hard time letting go, so we packed them in a large box and are taking them up to the Park where Judy is going to go through them and only retain a few. Right.

Judy just texted (11:36) me so I'll finish later today.

When I arrived at the salon I found that Judy was not quite ready. I waited in the comfort of the salon lounge until she finished up. She was very pleased with her new doo. So was I. What else would I say.
Getting a New Doo! (It's a good woman who lets you post a salon pic.)

                   Finished Project

After getting back on the road we stopped at the "Ole Time Buffet" for our weekly country cooking meal.

The remaining 100 mile trip to Blanton Creek Park was very pleasant. Judy and I arrived at the park around 4:30. She spent the next hour or so doing domestic activities in the fiver. I am not sure what they consist of - I just stay clear. I did turn the fresh water to the fiver on and set the "breaker" for the hot water heater.
When she finished, we took a golf cart tour of the park to see which sites were occupied. We always do that before we take over from Ed and Char. All four of us met in the office for their turnover brief. The main upcoming event is the first day of registration for the 4th of July tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes. You may remember our post about the first day of registration for "Memorial Day" weekend a few weeks back. I am sure the first campers will arrive at the gate tonight at 9 PM. We start taking reservations tomorrow morning at 7 AM. The hot water heater is scheduled to be replace tomorrow also.

Update: The first person lined up at the gate at 8:45 PM. They don't even want a water front site.

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  1. Getting rid of photos was going to be my hardest task. The flood took all but about a small box of them. We thought we would be sad, but honestly, we didn't look at them anyway. It's all up in my memory (I still have some left!).