Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sat. at Blanton Creek 5-5-12

Sat. at the Park was our busy day although we were not at capacity.  Twenty five of the sites were occupied.  I had to deal with usual parking situations and frequent park patrols. On the weekends Judy or I take the golf cart through the park at each hour and a half.
We had one wedding proposal!  A young man stopped by the office and let Judy and I know he would be popping the question.  On his way out he stopped by and said it was successful.
Below is a photo essay of a day at Blanton Creek Park.
                                            Entrance to the Prk             "Click on Photos to Enlarge"
GP Blanton Creek Prk Ent
42 Fishin       42 tent kayak
Rick & Cindy42 HC Rick Cindy    
                                 Keith, Merle, and "Susie".  Dog Walkers 2
Judy and I decided that since it was “hump day” for us we should have a treat.  Things were slowing down by 7PM so we ordered a “takeout meal” from Hunter’s Pub. While it doesn’t look like much, the food is excellent! People come from miles away to eat there as evidenced by the overflowing parking lot (people were actually parked along the highway).
Hunter’s Pub  Hunters Pub 2
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  1. Places like Hunter's pub have the best food..

  2. I like the local restaurants better than the chains. Just got to find them.