Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Day on the Lake

Today was a beautiful day to go out on the lake.  We have had a lot of days that would have been just as great but today was the one we made it out on the lake.  I always like the first lake day of the season.  Judy and I have been real busy running errands, cleaning the house, and getting the dock/boathouse ready for the summer season.

"Underway, Shift Colors" I love that phrase.
We invited Ken and Pat to come over and to take a pontoon ride. They live in our neighborhood. They have been “extended –timers” since they retired about six years ago. Ken told me about the GA. Power Lakes parks about three years ago. They are also “host/ gate attendants to. I think they really enjoyed going out on the pontoon today. We found out during our conversation that they had not been out on Lake Sinclair since they sold their lake house and bought an off water house. I’m glad we were able to get them back out on the lake. Once we finished on the lake we went back in the house and had a nice treat of fresh fruit and sandwiches Judy had made. To top it off we had a nice bowl of ice cream.
Ken - forward lookout

Pat - Enjoying the view
Judy - First Mate (luv the hat!)

On Sat Judy and I went to the Sam’s Club to pick up some items.  The main reason I like to go to Sam’s is to get the Nathan’s Hot dog Combo. The best $1.70 I’ve spent in awhile.  That was not the only money we spent though. As we were walking the store we came across one of the coffee maker demonstrations. Judy was not going to leave until she bought it. Judy doesn’t even drink coffee! She loves to smell it though.  Judy used my upcoming (June) birthday as justification to purchase a new Keurig single cup coffee maker. Who was I to say no so I just went along. I think she likes the fact that she can make hot chocolate. I must admit I did like the sample cup of coffee. I bought her some hot chocolate K cups today while at Kroger's today.

Congrats are in order;
I want to wish Jessica and Harry congratulations on moving into their fifth wheel. They are in transition to the full time life on the road.

Congrats to Nancy and Joe on departing on their summer travels. Maybe I will get to see them when they arrive in middle Ga.

Congrats to Kenny and Angela have listed their house so it is officially on the market.

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. We really love our Keurig. It's nice to not have to brew a whole pot just to have a cuppa in the afternoon. We have a cup of tea at night too. Very versatile!

  2. We had a place on Lake Of The Ozark for about 15 years and loved it.

  3. Glad you are getting time to do what you enjoy. Yes it feel good to be on the road. It feels like a bird out of a cage.