Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Wasted Trip

Two days ago I received   notification of a "safety recall" for my 2009 Ram 3500 truck.  Seems the recall addresses a safety issue with a tie-rod. The danger posed is the possibility of the tie- rod failing, therefore, steering would be compromised.  I for one do not want to to be hitched to a 14,000 LB fiver if the failure occurs. So, I called the Chrysler dealership that performs maintenance on my truck to schedule the required "fix" and to have my oil changed. I was careful to make sure the service writer understood this was in response to a"recall".  The service writer scheduled me for today at 8:30 AM.

As I live approx seventy (70) miles away from Dublin, Ga. I left Milledgeville around 7:00 AM to be on time for my appointment. With a twenty five year career in the military I believe in being punctual!  I was going to wait while the service was being completed.  I arrived a full fifteen minutes early. I wasn't the slightest bit phased when the service writer said "this "recall" will take about three to four hours to perform."  I was prepared for the wait!  I had an array of electronic gadgets to keep me in "good spirits" while I sat in the customer lounge. Kindle check, Laptop check, two DVDs (The Book of Eli, and Harry Potter - and the Deathly Hallows P2) check and my smart phone.

I went to the lounge and set my laptop up and popped in "The Book of Eli". Before Eli (Denzel Washington) got to take the boots off of the guy hanging in the closet, the service writer was back in the customer lounge calling my name. Not a good sign when you have been told, "see you in three to four hours."  I was informed that they didn't have the required parts for the fix and would have to order them, making it necessary for me to drive an additional one hundred forty miles (round trip) and burn another day. The good news, he would have my oil changed and I could be back on the road in a half an hour. I was not a "happy camper" but I maintained my professional composure.  The fact that I called the day prior and pointed out that it was "recall" did cross my mind. Without going into the "Law of Assume" verbally, I certainly thought it. I'll share the "Assume Law" for the readers who may have gotten through life and never experienced it. "ASSUME - will make an ASS out of U and ME.

I will be making a trip tomorrow one hundred twenty five  miles north to Buford, GA. to the Cardinal dealer (RV World of GA). The purpose of the trip is to have the slide's operation checked out on my Cardinal. I do know there is a possibility that I may have to leave the fiver there, I hope not though. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tonight, Judy and I are going to a retirement dinner in her honor. I plan to write about it here in the next day or so.  I am pretty sure it will be very emotional for Judy.

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  1. I know what you mean - we hated leaving the fiver at the dealership for work a couple weeks ago. We heard today that it is done, though - so this Saturday we get to bring 'er home! :)

    1. Jessica & Harry,
      I took the unit up yesterday and was informed of the problem with the slide operation. The trouble is a hydrolic pump failure ($$$) So it will be there for about a week. I will be addressing this in my next post.

  2. Just found your blog. Interesting that the first post I read was about a recall. Just spent over seven hours at a GMC dealer on a recall where they managed to mess up the reprogramming of my car transmission disabling the smooth running car I drove in. Took them that long to fix what they broke. Then I had to go back to get a part installed after they ordered it. Service is sure the wrong word:)

  3. Chuck,
    You know they say "misery loves company"! Glad you got taken care of. I am heading back down to Dublin Mon. and the service writer has assured me that the correct part is in and my name is on it. We will see. Thanks for stopping by.