Monday, March 12, 2012

Wasted Trip - Revisited

I got on the road for the drive to Dublin Chrysler, Jeep about 6:30AM.  The service manager called last Thur to inform me that the parts were in to complete the "recall service".  I was anxious to have the repair completed since it is a safety issue.

The repair was completed around 10:30, just as I finished "The Book of Eli" dvd.  The service manager had me sign that the work had been completed.  It would have been a nice gesture had he said "Mr. Maddox, I sure am sorry about inconveniencing you", but he didn't.  Not much on customer service, I guess.

One of my high school friends works at the VA Hospital in Dublin. We had made plans to have lunch at 11:00 AM. I called Carl and told I was through and he wouldn't have to pick me up. I met him at the "Ole Time Country Buffet".  Mrs. Obama would not be happy with the menu, but as I didn't see any federal food monitors I went in and enjoyed some really good country cookin!!  Carl and I enjoyed our social time together but alas he had to return to work and I headed north to Milledgeville.

The Line

Much better than those healthy chicken nuggets!!

The trip was the way I like it, uneventful.  Once home I got a call from RV World of GA letting me know the Cardinal is ready for pick up. Justin said the repairs were complete and the slides were working perfectly. I would have been a little concerned had the slides worked less than perfectly.  I don't know what day I am going to pick it up.  Maybe Thursday.

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  1. sounds like the repairs are all coming together. Frustrating having to deal with all that but I'm sure your happy it is all pretty much over with.

    1. We are sooo happy. Even though we don't have to be at our workamper job until 21 Mar we think if we pickup the Cardinal Thurs we are going to take it to Blanton Creek Camp ground and go ahead and set it up. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great RV Day!!