Friday, March 9, 2012

Cardinal Service

Tue, on the return from my “Wasted Trip” I stopped by Scenic Mountain RV Park to hitch up the Cardinal for its service appointment at RV World of GA. in Buford the next day. Once hitched, I drove about 20 miles to the Eatonton Wal Mart. I parked it in an out of the way area and called my sister for a ride home. It is easier for me to stage the truck and fiver there instead of parking them at my home.                          Scenic Mtn RV Prk       RV World   RV World store

Wed morning I arrived at the Wal-Mart at 5:45 am and switched from my Honda Accord to the truck. I completed the 101 mile trip to RV Word of GA. around 8 AM. I checked in and Justin (service writer) wrote up the work request. My top priority was the operation of the slides which had been a little sluggish. I also wanted the Satellite system checked out and any issues corrected. I want to be able to watch TV! Justin informed me that he would have the slides diagnosed first to determine the problem. I went back out and “dropped” the fifth wheel so it could be taken to the service area and then settled in for a long stay in the customer lounge area.        

It wasn’t long before I got the damage assessment. The hydraulic pump was pretty much dead and would have to be replaced. Cost parts/labor $950.00. Ouch! The part was out of the 12 month MFG warranty window. Good news though, it was covered by my “Good Sam” extended service plan, minus the $200.00 deductible. Justin told me there was at least a three day wait on the pump. He also said the 32” Toshiba flat screen TV was not working in the bedroom and would check to see if it was covered. We made plans for me to return next week. The pump would be replaced and the Satellite system checked out and I would have an orientation with the tech to insure I know how to operate it.

  Hydraulic Pump

Winegard Sat System

I returned to my truck and “rolled” my cover over the bed since I would not be using the hitch. That took me about six minutes. Before I could get in my truck and drive off, Justin came out to give me a new update. He reported that the Winegard travler and Direct TV slim-line dish were working fine. That reminded me, I had forgotten something that I also wanted to have done. I asked him if I could speak with the SAT tech. He escorted me to the service area and I talked with Matt. I wanted to change out the RCA DVD player for a Blu-ray DVD. Matt said yep, he would just slide the RCA out and slide the new one in. I asked him for a recommendation and told him I would go purchase one. He dropped what he was doing and went to a computer and went on-line to “BrandSmart” and looked at the inventory. Matt suggested I go with a Sony 3D capable home theatre DVD unit. He told me it would be about $350.00 plus the cost of cables and wrote the parts # down. Off I went to the Brand Smart store. Once there I gave the salesman the info and he proceeded to get the DVD and cables. When he rang it up he said “today must be your lucky day.” It seems that was the last unit and it was not going to be reordered. It was priced at $300.00 but rang up at a sales price of half $150.00 plus a 3 yr extended warranty. Total cost of DVD and cables was $226.00 rather than the $350.00 plus cables that I expected to pay.

I went back to RV World of GA. and dropped off the stuff. I bought both Justin and Matt lunch. Only one thing to do now, head south the one hundred miles back to M’Ville.

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  1. Congrats on retirement and soon to be 'full-timers'. We're from Buford, Ga and been on the road for 4 1/2 years. Currently at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, FL. It's a great life!

    1. Beach Bummz,
      Can't wait to join you on the road. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Good luck with your full timing life now that you are both retired!! We look forward to following your adventures down the road!