Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Black Bird–A Coffee Shoppe

Today is Judy’s morning of pampering at the Serenity Spa (Manicure and Pedicure) so I headed out to my favorite Coffee Shoppe – The Black Bird.  It is way more enjoyable than that other coffee place. Yes, you know the one.  I like to come here anytime I have a hour or so to chill.
BB entrance
I first started frequenting the BB when Jason, my son attended GA. College & State Univ. after he got out of the Navy in 2006. He graduated in 2009 and headed out to Corvallis, Oregon to work as an ICU RN but I continued to stop by and grab a coffee before I reported to my Middle School classroom. Jason often request that I mail him a pound or two of his favorite BB coffee.  Now that I am retired I can come here to spend time reading, listening to my Rhapsody music service  (headphones of course) and have a great coffee.  Since the BB is located near the college it is a hang out for the students between classes. There is a nice mix of clientele, student, faculty, and business professionals.
Student Art at the Black Bird Coffee Shoppe
That is not me - I though coffee kept you awake!
That is NOT me
BB art1       
The art dept of GA College provides art work on a continuous basis so there's always interesting projects to view. The baristas here are super friendly and create some tasty concoctions! There are plenty of places to plug in your laptop or other devices and the WIFI signal is excellent!

Brandon (L) award winning Barista!
Brandon (L) is an award winning barista
BB typical day       Black Bird
You may be wondering why there aren’t many folks in my pics of the Black Bird if this place is so good. It is only 9AM Sat morning and no college student would be caught up that early on a Sat!
My time is up! I have go pick Judy up.

Thanks for stopping by.
Shout out to Jessica for “Live Writer” tip!!

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