Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Judy’s Retirement Dinner


Judy’s Retirement Dinner

You are close to leaving when you attend your “retirement dinner”. Last night was Judy’s turn. She is only a couple of days from ending her banking career. Judy had a great time sharing the evening with her SunTrust family. Even I was  invited!  All the ladies from Judy’s branch were in attendance as well as former employees and other SunTrust colleagues. Jackson’s On Lake Sinclair, was the venue for the festivities.

Ret Venue

I gave Judy the option of writing this entry but she declined. She doesn’t like to be the center of attention normally. I think she enjoyed it last night a little bit though, mostly because she was with people who are very special to her. I have known most of them as long as Judy and I too know they are special ladies.

Ret GrpRet Hd Tbl   Judy received many gifts that will be constant reminders of her friends and teammates. She will miss them all.

Ret Fleece        Ret Cake

Note: As we were walking to the car the “Meandering Maddox’s” Nikon camera came loose from the carrying strap and fell four feet to the pavement with a thud! I only said damn once. Surprisingly, the only damage sustained was the battery door came off. I snapped it back on and the camera worked fine. That was a close one!

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  1. Very nice! What a thoughtful gift of the license plate! Glad you camera is ok. I'd be lost without mine!

  2. What a nice retirement dinner they gave Judy. Sure glad the camera wasn't damaged, that would not have been a good way to start off your new life.

    I see the retirement clock is down to 9 hours!!!!!

    We got a nice little surprise in the mail yesterday. I didn't have a clue what it was, even reading the "21" on the cd (duh), but as soon as we put it in the cd player and I heard Adele, I knew exactly who sent it! Thank you so much!

  3. Congrats to Judy! Just found your blog thanks to Karen and Al. Enjoy retirement and workcamping! The wife and I can't wait to be down that path as well.