Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a Maintenance Day

Today was just a “get things done” kinda day. Judy and I had a quick breakfast at the locale Huddle House – think “Waffle House”.  Then we headed into Milledgeville for a few stops. The first stop was the bank to complete a change of address form. With  the planned travel we thought we should get a PO box. That eliminates the need to have someone get our mail. Judy changed the type of safe deposit box to a pay box since she no longer works at the bank.  The one she settled for is $90.00 per yr. but with the bank accounts we have it was discounted to $45.00. 

She dropped me off at home around 12:15 and returned to Milledgeville to have lunch with Laura, one of her friends.  What did I have for lunch?  I had a roast beef sandwich, fritos, and a diet coke. I bet I had a nicer view than her and Laura. I ate out on the porch looking out over the lake and also enjoyed the sounds of nature. While she was gone I mixed up some Round-up weed killer and sprayed around the yard and driveway.

Judy returned home around 3PM. She said, “ I have a Pilot club meeting at 7 PM .”  That meant another trip into Milledgeville. That would be the third trip in for her.  I told her that I would ride back in with her and she could drop me off at the Black Bird Coffee shop. I could use a couple of hours of “me time” until her meeting was over.  So that is where I am now, having an ice mocca listening to some relaxing music and writing a blog entry which I had not planned to write.

Relaxing at the Black Bird Coffee Shop
HELP: I have not solved my lack of internet access for the time we will be at the CG. I checked at Verizon yesterday. The only thing offered was MIFI at $80.00 a month. That is not going to happen. If anyone has another suggestion please let me know via email or in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.
Next blog – When I have internet access


  1. I believe while I was reading Jimbo's Journeys shortly after the new year he had made a switch to a different provider that offered better service, lower cost, and a high monthly usage to boot.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Although we have a Verizon mifi, we tether our droids to our computers via pda-net more often. It works pretty good!

  3. we have a Mifi through Virgin mobile. We purchased the unit at Wal Mart and signed up on line. We do the unlimited plan for $50 per month but there is no contract, you can use it for a couple of months, let it expire and then start it back up again whenever you want. They use Sprint towers and the service has been good for where we have traveled.

    We are work camping this summer and the park has good Wifi so we will not be renewing our Mifi until we leave there in the fall.

  4. Do you have a smart phone? If so you could tether your laptop to your smartphone.

    Our Verizon phone and internet bill is way too high, but we just bite the bullet and pay it. We figure there are other homeowner type of expenses that we no longer have, so we're just doing it. We have Mifi. I think 3g is $50 a month. Also, ask Verizon about discounts. They offer them for many things...retired military?

  5. We use Millenicom, our plan is run through the Verizon network. $59.99/mo no contract or taxes. We use a secured Cradlepoint PHS300 for two laptops and a Wii. Currently we are workamping at Indian Springs State Park until March 30.

    Stay Safe