Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Hard Work

Sorry I was a little slow to post.  Judy and I returned Tue evening and ran errands most of Wed.  Our week at the campground was most enjoyable. The campers had a weekend full of sunshine. I met some new "friends" and many of our regulars were at the park.  Even though we had a tree fall across the road no one was hurt.

Gas powered hedge trimmer

Once back home I had to pick up with never ending yard work.  This week I wanted to do my annual shrub and hedge trimming.  There is no way to make that task exciting, especially when the temps are going to reach 90+.  The first time I did this task when we first moved in was with a regular electric hedge trimmer.  After about an hour of attempting the job, I gave up, and told Judy there had to be a better way.  Of course, she had a good answer to my dilemma. She said I should use what the lawn care crew used when they worked at her branch. She didn't know exactly what the name of the tool was but she described it.  I knew what she was describing - a gas powered pole trimmer, why didn't I think of that.  I went to the ACE Hardware the next day and rented one. I have been renting one each yr since. It is easy to use and I am able to complete the job in less than 4hrs -including breaks.

Just a small portion to be trimmed 

Judy came out for the photo op!
I am not going to do any physical work tomorrow!  I am going to go bass fishing. With any luck, I'll snag the big one.

Karen and Al, writers of one of the blogs I follow recently completed their first year of full-time RVing. Congratulations to both of them.

That is all for now.
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  1. Al had one of those gas powered trimmers, but the ethanol in the gas always caused problems. It sounds like a better idea just to rent one.

    Good luck fishing.

    1. After viewing a news story about the negative effects of ethanol (gasket & rubber seals)I quit using blended gas. I use nonethanol fuel in all my gas powered tools, lawn mower, jet ski, and boats. I also use a fuel additive that keeps the fuel from breaking down. I do use ethanol (with added additives)in my car and truck.