Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not My Idea of a Fun Day

There are many reasons people choose to change their living arrangement as they retire.  For many it is the desire to travel, some want to “move down” to smaller digs. We moved into a smaller home when we relocated to Lake Sinclair back in 2003. Even with the move into a smaller home one thing didn’t change. Yard work!  I don’t really enjoy yard work now that I have reached SS age (in one week!).  So I am looking forward to living in the fiver which will, (a.) be less home to clean, (b.) be mobile, (c.) no yard work.

Not My Favorite Pastime

The “Purple Martins “  get irritatated with me when I work near their colony
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 They always return though!

Aftter all this work I need a break.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments, I read them all.
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  1. That is my dream to not have Yardwork...glad your dream will be coming true soon!

    1. You too will be at your RV-Fulltime date before you know it.

  2. You are going to love full timing!! We do, and we cannot wait to get back to traveling after all of my medical issue are resolved.

    Hang in there!!