Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the Job

We are back on the job.  I don’t know if the week we are at our “gate Attendant” job or our off week passes faster. I do know that Judy and I are ready to come back to the park (Blanton Creek) when it is time to return. Likewise, we are ready to return to Lake Sinclair for our week off.  I guess you could conclude we have a pretty good mix.  I am amazed at how busy we stay running errands now that we are retired.

Now that we are back at the park we are in our park routine.  Judy left about 20 min. ago for her Wal Mart run. She has to drive about 17 miles to the nearest Wally World located just off I85S in Valley, AL. On our first couple of weeks at the park we would stop at a WalMart in Macon enroute to the park.  That was way too tiring. Since Wed is pretty much a “dead day” at the park I am able to handle everything while she makes her run.

In my next post I am going to spotlight a few of the attractions located near here. I realize a lot of RVers do transit between the FL. panhandle and points north. Blanton Creek Park would be a great park to hold-up for two or three days. It is easy to get to, located near I85. So check out my next post.

I would like to recommend that visitors to my blog take a look at some of the blogs that I read. You will find that they are traveling in many different parts of the country and freely share their amazing journeys.  Some are in the planning stages of beginning their life on the road and offer some real good preparation information.  So give them a “hit” on their blog.

 Some people who full-time or do extended travel don’t use an RV! I recently reconnected with one of my former Commanding Officers (CO) via facebook. When I was the Command Master Chief at NOPF Dam Neck, Va. Beach, VA., CDR Gilchrist and I often talked about what we wanted to do after our life in the Navy. One of her and her husband’s goals/dreams was to sail the Caribbean and other points while living aboard their sail boat. I was very pleased to hear that is exactly what they are doing. I love it when a plan comes together.

Living Their Dream

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  1. Living on a sailboat sounds like a wonderful dream. Glad their dream came true.