Thursday, April 26, 2012


At about 10:00 PM  I went online to  catch up on some news,  check  face book, and read  some blogs.  When online I always check my blog to see the location of  the latest visitors.  I noticed that in my "next blog" it indicated Thur.  It dawned on me that it is Thurs.

Things are pretty slow since we arrived home.  The only big event scheduled for Wed was Judy's haircut appointment.  I wanted no part of that so I had her drop me off at the Black Bird Coffee Shoppe .  I spent the hour and a half between 4:00 until 5:30 there while Judy went to pick up our mail at our PO Box and then go to her appt.  I really enjoy relaxing and surfing the WEB  there .  You may recall that I did  a complete entry on the "Black Bird" earlier. If you missed it click here .

Today was mostly a Judy day.  I was stuck at the house.  She met with Jackie,  one of  her high school and ASA softball team mates from  back in the day.  Judy was quite the softball and high school basketball player. She actually played on the men's team  when I was assigned to the Royal Navy establishment HMS Dryad in Portsmouth England. That is another story.  Jackie and Judy had lunch at Hannah's in Eatonton, Ga.  She did bring me a takeout - not what I ask for though.

Judy was not content to spend the rest of the day and evening at home with me.  No, she left again at 6:00 PM  to go to the Chinese restaurant in Milledgeville for "girls night out" .  Once a month a group of women in our neighborhood go out.  They actually changed the date so Judy would be able to attend. That was very nice of them  to do.  Judy took the camera to take some pictures but I had taken the card out to upload pics to my laptop.  I called her before she got to the restaurant and let her know. If she had taken the pics and later found that I had the card out  it would have been detrimental to me. As it was she said she would take them  next time.

I spent most of the day researching about ten state parks in Fl that I think we would like to "host"  at.  I have been told it is difficult to line up FL state parks for the winter months.  I also submitted our ad for "Workamper Classifieds" for the fall/winter time frame. 

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