Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lots of Visitors

Judy and I returned to Blanton Creek Park yesterday afternoon after our week off. Char and Ed gave us a report on last week’s activities.  After they closed up at 9:00PM they headed home.

I opened up this AM while Judy slept in until about 8:15 AM.  There was no reason for her to rush over because we only have about 8 campers in the park. Three of them checked in today.  One was a fulltime couple from Iowa. They had spent the winter FL.  As we checked them in they told us they had stayed here back in 09. 
Lots of Visitors

Even though we don’t have many campers in the park, we do have lots of visitors!  In fact, about 200 visitors.  Many of them are from GA Power corporate headquarters. They are attending a series of meetings in Columbus, GA. over the next couple of days. This evening a catered meal was provided for them at one of our pavilions. Our boss Mike certainly wanted the park looking good. He and Richard the head of maintenance worked extremely hard to achieve that goal. I am sure the brass will be pleased.
Having a Good Time

Plenty of beverages to go with the meal

They didn’t forget about Judy and I. Richard gave Judy a call at 7:00 PM to invite Judy and I to come down to the pavilion to make us a plate. Judy called me since I was making a round of the park on the golf cart. I quickly did a U turn and headed to the pavilion. It was worth the drive. The pavilion was very crowded.  I made Judy and I a plate of BBQ, ribs, chicken breast, mac & cheese, baked beans and banana pudding. Another great meal here at Blanton Creek Park.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Note: We are thinking about staying 3-4 months in Fl next winter. If you have any recommendations please send us an email.


  1. Sounds like you're keeping very busy.

    Where in Florida do you want to winter? My first choice would be in the Keys!

  2. Karen & Al,
    We don't have a specific spot but we think maybe the Tampa area (50 mi north -50 miles south).