Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday & Movie Day

Sat. was Judy's birthday.  She will have to tell you which one. Judy received many,many birthday greeting on face book and some well wishes from some of our readers here. Not to mention the phone calls with various renditions of "Happy Birthday".  She enjoyed them all.

After a lazy start we straightened up the house on the off chance that someone might actually stop by to view it. No one did. We had blocked out four hours of our schedule to make arrangements and plans for the disposition of the Mega Millions jackpot we were pretty confident we would be winning. After all, we did splurge and buy $10.00 worth of tickets. As it turned out, we did not win the $640,000,000.00 drawing. I was pretty much devastated that we didn't win. Judy got over it pretty quickly and rearranged the four hour hole in our schedule.  She said we could use the time to see a movie before her birthday dinner. It was a most excellent plan.

We went to the Amstar cineplex (I don't think that is a real word) in Macon. Judy, being the birthday girl chose the movie - The Hunger Games. I guess there was no "chic flick" available. The movie started every thirty minutes so it was easy to find a showing to our liking. Judy and I both enjoyed it. I am going to order the trilogy on my kindle.

After the movie, we went to the"Out Back".  The server informed us it would be about a half hour wait. Judy and I settled in to wait but our little hand held pager began to vibrate after only five minutes. We both went with the prime rib. It was a great choice.  The left-overs were still good today!

Judy at "Out Back" Macon, GA.
Each of us had a busy day today.  Judy used the day to complete "heavy cleaning" in the house.  She also got started on getting things ready for us to take back to the CG on Tue.  I spent the day working at the boathouse/dock. I wait until the pollen stops before I get the boathouse ready. It took me most of the day to scrub the dock and get it ready for its annual deck sealing. I will seal it tomorrow.

After a hard day's work we treated ourselves to a DQ treat!

Jim at DQ!

Judy enjoying a DQ treat!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

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  1. Dairy Queen blizzards are my favorite! But...I'm taking a vacation from them :(

    Glad you had a good birthday!