Monday, April 9, 2012

First Week as Campground Host/ Gate attendant

If you have been reading my blog you know I am behind in my post.  Judy and I left Tue (27 March) to report to our workamper assignment at Blanton Creek Park. Our first day by ourselves was Wed.  It was not stressful!  Judy says she has finally found out what she wants to do when she grows up.

Open and Ready for Business

There have been a couple of hitches though. I did not bring my power cord for the laptop and we are still finding out that we need additional cooking items.  The missing power cord presented the biggest issue as my laptop battery was only at about 50% capacity.  As a result the blog was put on the back burner to other on-line activities.  That was remedied today (Sun.) when Judy’s sister and husband came to visit.

We took over for the other couple Tue at   9:00 PM at the end of their shift. They had been at the park for about three weeks.  Our week technically did not begin until 7:00AM Wed morning. We told them to go on home since they only live about 15 miles. from the park.  The park is closed – gate locked at 9:PM except Fri and Sat and then we close the gate at 10 PM.  At 2:00 AM we hear a knocking on the rig. It is a man saying he had to leave the park because his daughter was ill. Yea, right. He had been fishing and probably drinking with his friends. He told me he tried to unlock the pad locked gate with his key but it didn’t work. At some time in the past it was Ga. Power policy to let campers have a key to the gate. I guess they (GA. Power) discovered that was not a good idea. I got up and dressed and let him out.  If a camper is locked out, I do not unlock the gate to let them in. They must walk around the gate and walk to their site or call someone in the park to pick them up.

Judy is not happy unless she is cleaning!

Judy reports in around 8 AM and pops something in the micro wave

This being spring break week meant a lot of campers would be at the park. I could tell we were going to get broken in rapidly. By Sat night all but two of the fifty one sites were occupied.  It was crowded!  For the most part the only thing I had to deal with were campers or their visitors parking in undesignated areas.  These were quickly corrected when asked to do so. I did have someone lock the bottom of the large entrance gate with a plastic tie. I went out to unlock and open the entrance gate at 7:00 AM Thur. I unlocked it and removed the chain but the gate didn’t budge. Looking down, I saw the electrical tie. I walked back to the registration building and got a knife to cut the tie off.
Today, Sunday the park was clearing out by 10:00 AM.  A local church held services and had a picnic. Judy and I were pretty busy issuing over 130 day passes for the group. It was made easier by not having to collect $3.00 for each car. We simply kept a tally and the church secretary wrote us one check ($390.00).  By 1:00 PM things settled down to a Sunday routine.

Judy’s sister Sheila and husband Ron, along with their youngest son, John Mark came up for a visit. I was sure glad Sheila brought me her laptop power cord to use. She even agreed to let me keep it. Judy cooked a barbecue chicken breast dish in the crock pot and also made baked beans.  Sheila made potato salad and brought a dessert. It was good sharing an Easter meal with family. They each got the customary golf cart tour of the park.

I have some pics but I am too tired to get them ready to post. Sorry.  I will add them to this post later or post them with a new post later. This is my first post using my "Mifi".
I am going to end here so I can get some sleep.  Five AM comes early.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Busy day! Sounds like you got into the routine pretty quickly.

  2. Well since I've still never figured out what I want to do when I grow up...maybe there is hope for me too!

    Glad you got your laptop cord and made is through the first week. Hopefully things will calm down and you can relax more.

    Keep posting..I'm interested in work camping.

  3. Hey Jim and Judy,was getting worried about you. Glad you are doing good and enjoying the work camping.

  4. sounds like you guys have been busy! Looking forward to the photos. We enjoy reading about your experiences.

    Phil and Rudee