Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weather Surprise

 Even though it is the weekend here at the park, only about 1/3 of the sites are occupied.  The weather forecast for Sat. and Sun probably kept attendance low.  The Thursday forecast called for a messy weekend but by Friday evening it had been revised for the better.  The rain called for most of Sat. and Sun was now reduced to late Sat night and the early hours of Sunday morning.  We had about ten cancellations before the revised forecast.  Today (Sat.) only one camper is still scheduled to arrive today.  We have four campers checking out by 1:00 PM.

Our visitors from Iowa will be leaving today in their Georgetown Class A motor home. Judy and I did have the chance to talk with them during their stay.  Mr. & Mrs. Ebert have been on the road for the past fourteen years.  They have taken advantage of the some of the nearby sights during their stay.  They were disappointed that the Roosevelt golf course in Warm Springs was closed. I didn’t think too much about them playing golf at the time. I later learned that Mr. Ebert was 84. I am not sure of Mrs. Ebert’s age but she is a senior citizen. They recently purchased a condo as their exit plan.  I just waved goodbye to them as they headed out of the park headed to their next destination.

The Ebert's from Iowa

The day turned out to be a pretty good day weather wise.  I am sure those who canceled wish they could rethink that decision. Judy and I are having an easy day.  She is reading her kindle and doing some things at the RV.  When she is over at the office I have been over at the rig working on organizing the basement.  We have been taking turns riding the golf cart through the park. We have to stay open until ten PM like last night.  We had a visitor leave 15 minutes late last night so I had to go unlock the gate.  I think in the future I will tell them to go to the gate and I will be there as soon as I finish the nightly closeout.  Maybe if they have to wait on me at the gate for 15-20 minutes they will get the idea to leave on time.

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  1. In ref to FL next year, if you dont mind a steep price (to us anyway) and a small lot, the Low Key Hide-a-Way in Ceder key is great. Right on the water and your hosts were fulltime RVers before they settled down.