Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Outdoor U"

While at our workamper assignment last week Judy and I learned about "Outdoor U."  Each year about this time and also in the fall Blanton Creek Park is the setting for "Outdoor U".   I kinda thought at first it would have something to do with a college/univ. outdoor education program. Yes,  colleges/univs. do offer degree programs in this educational area.  In fact,  one of my colleagues at the middle school I taught with had a PhD in this area.   As we found out however,  this "Outdoor Univ. had nothing to do with traditional academia. 
Andy Holt (2L) of Outdoor Univ.

We found that Outdoor Univ. is a program  facilitated by Andy Holt.  The students are HVAC techs, installers, and manager/owners.  Andy presents the seminar over a 3 day period. The class size is usually between 4-15 students.  The focus of the training is communication & leadership skills training. Training is tailored for each group and there is plenty of individual interaction.  What a great training concept, not in some boring hotel conference room but out in the great outdoors.  Yes, the students sleep in tents. I must say Blanton Creek is a wonderful setting.  Judy and I found Andy to be a friendly and charming man.  As a side note,  he got a visit from his new baby grandaughter during his visit with us. The experience was very humbling for him!  Andy will do his part to spoil her.
Students "camp" one per tent - some sites have two tents.

I must mention the two other members of the staff, Mike and Kelly.  They made sure the students did not go hungry.  In fact, they prepared 5 star meals for the students. Oh, and they always made sure to remember the park hosts - Jim and Judy. Judy and I can't wait until the next class. Judy said she was going to volunteer to help Mike and Kelly so she can learn how to cook those great quesadillas that Mike and Kelly sent us.

Mike - Chef (MMMM.....) 

Kelly(R) - Assistant Chef

This delicious meal was sent to us by Mike

This just goes to show you never know who you will meet in a campground.  Thanks to all at "Outdoor U" for making our first week so unique.

Doesn't Judy look like a happy camper! (ignore the mop in the background)

Thanks for stopping by. We will be returning to the park Tue.

Next post Wed.


  1. What a tasty looking meal..and you didn't have to cook it :) That Outdoor "U" sounds pretty cool.

  2. Laurie & George,
    While I was leaving you a comment, you were leaving us one.