Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pelton Park, Closed for the Season

Judy and I finished the 2014 season here at Pelton Park Sunday.  We both had a great time and met and got to know some wonderful campers.  We look forward to seeing them in the future.
In order to have a great park, there must be a GREAT Team in place to make it happen.  Portland General Electric (PGE) has just such a team.  The park is well funded and future improvement projects are on going.  Judy and I had super support from our immediate supervisors Tony and John.  They made sure that we knew we were valued and appreciated camp host.  We thank them for that. 
Pelton Park is PGE’s premier campground and as such it is extremely busy from June through Labor Day.  It takes a lot of work and positive interactions to constantly eliciting comments like; “This is the cleanest park we have ever camped at”,  “ We love camping here because the staff is so friendly and helpful”, or “ Is Judy your wife? She is so nice!”.  I mentioned in earlier post that our original co-host left in early June and that left Judy and I as the only host for almost three months.  Judy and I want to thank, Rose & Terry, Larry, and Paul for coming over and helping out.  I am not sure we could have maintained the park without their support.  We also want to thank Jaynie and Rick for covering for us so we could have some nights out of the park.  Thanks to Nancy and Clark for coming on board as Co-Host from mid August until the park closed.  We hope to see them next season. 
A few closing Pics
closed signed blog     DSC_0427
Clark Nancy blog    Clark and Nancy
Pics from 2014 Season
Judy Reservations 1   july 4 b
Larry Marge Trt Crk    Metolius Judy Terry Rose
DSC_0433 Marina 1
That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
Next Blog: In a week or so.
PS – Judy and I will be staying at the park through mid Oct.  More about this later.


  1. Another season down. I can't wait to see where you go next.

  2. Glad you had a successful season there! Anxious to see where you guys go next.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your travels. (P.S. I think you meant to say "elicit', not illicit. :-)

  4. You are so right! I will make the correction soon.