Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Post Season Update

Madras, Oregon
Judy and I are into our second week as the only campers in the park.  It is easy to be the only campers when the gate is locked closed.  The weather is now in its fall pattern and very nice.
sunset 7 14 b  Park Pick
We like to take a week or so to just relax when we finish up our commitment at a park.  Judy and I stayed a couple of weeks last Sept. when we closed Blanton Creek Park in GA.  Both of the parks are owned by power companies that produce hydroelectricity and they each close at the end of the summer season.  That makes it easy for us to stay awhile after closing. 
Judy and I had only planned to stay at Pelton Park for only one week after closing because closing was so late in Sept.  We stayed the second week because we needed to have some repairs to the Cardinal due to damage we sustained on the pull out here from Florida. The front cargo door got beat up pretty badly in some high winds in Cheyenne, WY. during a snow storm.  I just patched it up with duct tape for the rest of the trip to Oregon.  We have an appointment to have a new cargo door installed the 13th. at Johnson RV in Sandy, OR.
Damaged Cargo Door cardinal door 1 

Last Friday we had a visit from Pam and Vic.  They are avid kayakers so I told them about Lake Simtustus  here at Pelton Park a couple of weeks ago.  Judy and I were happy they came out to see the beauty this area has to offer.  We especially enjoyed having lunch with Pam and Vic at one of the local Mexican Restaurants in Madras because it gave us more time to visit.  We look forward to seeing them next year when we return. The “ocean rolls” they brought us from Bend were delicious.
Pam Vic PP2      Pam Vic PP1
Over the weekend we stayed with our son Jason in Portland.  We all had a great time visiting. He is always a wonderful host. He has agreed to let us stay with him while our Cardinal is being repaired next week.
Now back at the park, we are getting the RV ready for travel.  Judy has scheduled a carpet cleaner for today. I will continue working on getting the basement organized for travel.
That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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