Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travel Day – Crescent City, CA.

Yesterday, Tue., we pulled out of Gold Beach, Oregon and pulled the fiver fifty miles south to Sunset Harbor RV Park in Crescent City, CA.  The drive down 101 provided more spectacular coastal scenery. Judy and I have not tired of the rugged beauty.

This will be a short two day stop.  Wed. we are going to take in the giant California Redwoods. Judy can’t wait! She still remembers reading about them in the WEEKLY READER back in the third grade.

The city of Crescent City is another small coastal town.  We are only half a mile from the ocean. After setting up we headed over to the harbor for a seafood lunch. A fellow RVer in Gold Beach recommended that we try the “Chart Room Restaurant”.  It was a great suggestion. Located right on the water and the views were super. Oh, and the food was just what we expected, GOOD. 

A few Pics

Travel Day 10 21 coast A     More Rugged Coast

 These Guys were hanging out near the “Chart ROOM”

Travel Day 10 21 seagull a      Travel Day 10 21 sealions A  

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  1. Beautiful area. I'm from not far from that general area. It won't disappoint!