Monday, October 20, 2014

Travel Plans; Oct. – Nov. 01, 2014

Judy and I have a little over a month to meander south to our chosen wintering park in Apache Junction, AZ.  I usually have our travel itinerary put together well before we head out, but not this time.  A result of not knowing when the repairs to the RV would be completed was not being able to firm up travel plans because I could not come up with firm dates for reservations along the way.

I did have a good idea where the journey would start and end so all I needed to do was decide the points along the way.  Over the past couple of rainy days I firmed up the stops and made reservations. Excluding the 350 miles from Madras, OR via Portland to our current location at Gold Beach, OR. the trip will cover 1,475 miles to Apache Junction, AZ.  Most of the travel will be down the Oregon and California coast.  Judy and I are going to take a small (200 Mi.) side trip to Las Vegas.

Listed below is our travel itinerary:

Oct.  17- 21     Gold Beach, OR.      Turtle Rock RV Park

Oct.  21-23      Crescent City, CA.    Sunset Harbor RV Park

Oct.  23-27     Ukiah, CA.                   Redwood Empire Fairgrounds RV Park

Oct. 27- Nov. 03     Monterey, CA.    * Monterey Pines FamCamp (USN)

Nov. 03- 12      San Luis Obispo, CA.  *San Luis Obispo FamCamp (USN)

Nov. 12-22       Ventura County, CA    * NAS Pt. Mugu, FamCamp

Nov. 23- 30     Las Vegas, NV.          * Nellis AFB FamCamp

Dec. 01          Apache Junction, AZ    Superstition Sunrise Rv Resort

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. So sorry we weren't able to hook up while I was still in CA. You'll love the CA coast, especially Big Sur if you happen to travel down Route 1.

  2. Hi Jim and Judy! I saw you were going to Point Mugu soon! My Dad, CDR Fred C Holt was stationed there from 1974-76 as the Commanding Officer of VXE-6, the Antartic Development Squadron. He flew the ski equipped C-130 for three seasons on the ice. They have since shut it down and think the Air Force is doing the flying now. Make sure you spend some time at the Mugu Lagoon. We saw all kinds of wildlife and sharks going in and out of the lagoon. Great surfing too! Have a great time! Take care...