Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bend Rendezvous with Blogger Friends

A standard good bye phrase used by many Full-Time RVers is, “ see you down the road”.  We use the phrase because we have such a diverse travel itinerary that we don’t know when or were our paths will cross again.  Since Judy and my travel this year brought us 3600 miles west to Madras, Oregon, we knew the possibility of seeing  any of our full-time RVing friends would be very small.  Possible though none the less. In fact, we have had the opportunity to meet with not one but three, Dee and Jim (Tumbleweed), Mr. and Mrs. Gross -regular campers at Blanton Creek cg where we hosted for two seasons in GA. and this week with Pam and Vic ( How neat is that?

Pam contacted me through the blog last week, informing me that she and Vic were living in Bend, Oregon and suggested a get together before we leave the area.  We last saw them in early Nov. 2013 at a ACOE park in GA. (read about it here).  Pam suggested lunch in Bend at the “Pine Tavern” . As a bonus we also were joined by BJ and Mike, RVers from IL who were visiting Pam and Vic. The conversation is always excellent when meeting with Pam and Vic.  They explained their motivation for taking a break from the road. You can read about their decision in their blog. 

Once we all gathered at the tavern, we were informed it would be a short wait before seating would be available outside.  No problem, Pam had a great suggestion, she walked us over to a nearby chocolate shoppe! YUMMY. We returned to Pine Tavern just as our table became available. The restaurant has been around since 1936 and over looks “Mirror Pond”. It also has a pine tree in the dining room that the structure is built around, hence the name, Pine Tavern.

Bj Judy Pam  BJ,Pam,and Judy getting a little chocolate

Over a delicious lunch Pam and Vic informed us of some great attractions to visit when in Bend. Pam told us about their visit to a local wine shop-Naked Winery Tasting Room with so much exuberance that I know Judy and I will be stopping by it on our next visit. I am not sure it was the wine talking. It seems the marketing strategy may stimulate ones imagination. I am not going any further with this.

Lunch on the patio of Pine Tavern    Tavern Mike Vic

Pine Tavern 1  Pine Trees in dining area

Snagged from the internet

Pine tavern 2     pinetavernoutdoors

It was a wonderful reunion and we look forward to our next visit.  Judy and I extended an invitation to Vic and Pam to bring their kayaks up to Pelton Park for a day trip and a rustic lunch at Roxy’s cafe with us before we have to head south.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Next Blog: In about a week or so.


  1. When we were in Oregon last summer we felt so isolated from most RV dreamers. It's funny how most every blogger we know tend to hug the east coast for the most part. They're missing out!

  2. They need to spread their wings more, I agree. We were hoping you and George might give PGE a shot, they have some nice parks and they treat you right.

  3. Our visit with you guys was one of the major highlights of our 8,000-mile summer. We'll miss you in Florida this winter.

    1. We will miss being there with y'all. Glad you stopped by in Madras.

  4. What a lovely description of our day! We all enjoyed your stories of life in Madras and just wished we had more time to visit. Guess we need to load up the kayaks and head up there on one of these beautiful Indian Summer days.

    If you do come back to Bend this fall, please let us know. We will take you as our guests for free Naked wine tastings.