Saturday, October 11, 2014

Slow Cruise on Lake Simtustus

Pelton Park, Lake Simtustus near Madras, Oregon

There  are a number of reasons Judy and I enjoy taking on a seasonal campground position.  Two of the reasons are being in an area long enough to actually experience it and also have time get to know people in more than a casual manner. Two people who made us feel very welcome when we arrived in Central Oregon were Jim and Cindy.

They are the operators of Roxy’s Cafe and Pelton Marina.  The cafe and marina are huge hits with the campers and Judy and I as well.  Not only can you get a great meal there and rent boats, it is the only place in the canyon with internet access via the cafe’s free wifi.  Jim and Cindy have been working almost nonstop throughout the season, but now that the park is closed they are getting to slow down.  Thursday Jim and Cindy treated us to dinner and an evening cruise on Lake Simtustus.  It was the first time Judy and I had been out on the lake. The rugged scenery was awesome. Cindy and Jim were great hosts and pointed out all  points of interest.  Thank you Jim and Cindy for a wonderful evening.

Roxy’s Cafe and Marina

Roxy's Restaurant 1    house boat

Evening Cruise Pics

judy cindy    Judy and Cindy

Capt. Jim simtustus cruise  jim S b

simtustus cruise 2b   Simtustus cruise 1

Simtustus Cruise Judy


      simtustus cruise jim judy

                           The Wedding Cake       simtustus cruise 4b

simtustus cruise 3b      PGE’s Round Butte Dam

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  1. Being on the lake sure makes it look different. What gorgeous views from below. I'm glad you're having so much fun without someone knocking on the door to take care of a snake. lol