Friday, September 19, 2014

Pittock Mansion – Portland, Oregon

Madras, Oregon

Monday we took a trip to Portland to visit with our son, Jason.  Judy wanted to visit the Pittock Mansion there. The weather was about as nice as it gets and it made for a wonderful day to go sightseeing.

The mansion was built by Henry and Georgiana Pittock. Henry made the journey by wagon train from Pennsylvania in 1853. He married Georgiana (age 15), in 1860. That same year he bought the weekly “Oregonian” newspaper and transitioned it into a daily paper.  It is still the main newspaper of Portland today. For a more complete description of the mansion and history CLICK HERE.

Here are a few pics. (click to enlarge)

Pittock Mansion, Portland Oregon

Pittock Mansion Front      Pittock Mansion Back

Pittock Music    Pittock Dinning RM

Pittock Library    Pittock Ginger Bread

Pittock View

Judy, Jason and I ended the day with a visit to Ruth's Chris Steak House. This is a stop that Judy wanted to make for a long time. The steak dinner did live up to the hype. I can’t say it topped our dinning experience at "The Cattleman's Steakhouse" near El Paso, TX though.

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  1. I agree with your review of Ruth's Chris. It's good... very good, but not as good as Cattlemen's.