Saturday, September 13, 2014

The High Desert to a Lava River to a Waterfall

Tue Judy and I once again accompanied our friends Terry and Rose on another road trip at their invitation. The reason we are able to continue with our weekly road trips is because we now have another host couple working with us at the park. Clark and Nancy have been on board for two weeks. They will be with us until the park closes.

The first stop on our journey was McKenzie Pass . The hwy through the pass is a favorite of cyclist and sightseers. This area of Oregon has experienced many geological upheavals through the ages. Volcanic activity is evident throughout the drive. The last major event dates back 1,500 years ago. The “lava river” covers 65 square miles. We stopped at the Dee Wright Observatory(click on link for more info) on the 5335ft summit of the pass. Many of the highest Cascade Mountain peaks are visible from here.

A few pics (click to enlarge)

Mckinzie pass sign     Lava Flow 1

 Dee Wright sign    Dee wright observatory 1

dee wright portal 2     Lava Rver 1

       Judy and Rose                                                 Two of the Thee Sisters Mts

Rose Judy     The Sisters Mt

Mt. Washington  

MtWashingtonBigLake      Mt Wash sumit 1

Once we left McKenzie Pass we drove to the next attraction, Sahalie Falls (Click). It is the highest of three waterfalls in the area.  A nice viewing area made it easy to get close to the falls.


That is all for now.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice that you can get out now that the other host couple has arrived. Pretty scenery!

  2. Nice photo of the snow capped mountains. Like to see waterfalls also, Stay safe.