Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The End Must be Near, The End of the Season

Judy and I attended PGE’s end of year“get together” for their campground and day use host Monday at Timothy Lake Lodge near Mt. Hood. The last time we were here for orientation in late April it was snowing and cold.  The weather Monday was beautiful with sunny skies and a mild 75’. 

Unfortunately, the only time we get together with the most of the “Host” is on these two occasions.  We had a good time sharing stories about our summer season. A nice catered lunch was provided by our boss Tony and side dishes and deserts were brought by the attendees.  Judy took a dish of “Watergate salad”. 

Here are a few pics;

Timothy Lodge PGE Lodge

PGE 2014 EOY 1     PGE EOY Lindsey 1

Judy and Lindsey  PGE EOY 2014 Lindsey Judy

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  1. We are living in a house in Bend now. Please let us know when you are leaving the area. It would be lovely to get together if it works.