Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Search for a Good Haircut

Now that we are at the park full time I had to find a local barbershop to take care of my grooming requirements.  I am aware that many full-timing men have their wife keep their hair trimmed, but I am not ready to have Judy get a Wahl hair trimmer with a #2 guard to buzz my hair. That may come later. 

I used my smart phone to locate the nearest barbershop, it was Rhonda's Barbershop located about 13 miles away near Hamilton, GA.  Judy and I drove over for my haircut appointment Monday. Hamilton is like most small towns located in rural areas.  Rhonda's shop is located in the town square.  The shop was small and cutely decorated. Rhonda had me sit in the chair immediately.  She told me when I called to make an appointment that she and her family often camped with us at Blanton Creek Park.  Rhonda gave me a nice haircut, one that Judy also liked! I was a little surprised at the $17.00 cost, $20.00 once I added a tip. I am more of a $9-12.00 guy. I could probably get one cheaper in Columbus but by the time I drive 50 miles round trip I'd most likely spend even more.

While I was getting my haircut I informed Rhonda that Judy and I had gone to the Bulloch House in Warm Springs, GA on Father's Day for lunch and I found it to be overpriced -$13.95 plus $2.00 for a drink and a desert would be extra. The final cost was a little over $30.00 for Judy and I. I don't mean to sound cheap but that is almost twice what a "country cooking" meal should cost. Rhonda ask if we had been to the "Fried Green Tomato Buffet" in LaGrange. I said no and she told us we should give it a try. Her twenty something year old son had arrived at the shop and heard the conversation and insisted that they should go there as soon as the shop closed! I decided at that time Judy and I would have to give the restaurant a try.

Tue Judy and I headed to LaGrange to do our grocery shopping for the week and to try the "Fried Green Tomato" restaurant.  We arrived at 11:15 and I could tell by the full parking lot that the food must be good, and it was.  There was a great selection, the service was great and the cost reasonable, only $15.00 for both of us. That is more like it!  I am going to have to let Rhonda know her recommendation was spot on.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Glad you found a good restaurant with good food and price. I like to pay for good food rather than pay a high price for the atmosphere.

  2. Glad you found a nice place for a haircut. I find that Yelp is a good app for all kinds of places that we're looking for when we are in a new area. I haven't gone wrong yet! That Fried Tomato Buffet looks similar to the Sweet Tomatoes buffet that we went to while in CA. Haven't found anything similar here in OR :(

  3. The parking lot is usually a good way to tell how good a restaurant is. Glad you found a good place to eat and get a haircut.