Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back on a Lake

Judy and I have been enjoying our first week as true fulltimers.  We have been staying busy this week  doing a little work and a lot of just fun things. We haven't even missed not having a house. 

Thursday we had a movie day in Columbus, Ga. Ed and Char are the duty host at the park this week and they have two of their grand kids from Las Vegas at the park with them. Judy and I took the kids to the movie with us. There was a slight hitch, Roy (14) wanted to see Star Trek - Into Darkness (Trailer) and Kalie (12) didn't. Being a former middle school teacher that knows a little bit about what Young Adult (adolescents) like I suggested that Judy take her to see "Epic".  Kalie was excited about that. So, Judy went to see "Epic" (Trailer) and I went to see "Star Trek" (again). I can't really comment on "Epic" although Judy says it was cute - whatever that means.  Roy and I liked Star Trek. I don't understand why Admiral Pike was killed off though. After all, if you remember the original Star Trek TV series (The Menagerie) Adm. Pike was taken to Talos 4.

Sunday Ed, Roy and I went out on lake Harding on Ed's pontoon. Lake Harding is the Lake that Blanton Creek Park Campground is on. It is a large lake and there was lots of boat activity. After touring the lake we pulled into a cove to do a little fishing. I hung two large bass. I guess since it was my birthday, I had all the luck.

Still Got it

 Roy keeping an eye out

Once back at the RV I had a great birthday dinner that Judy prepared for me.  Judy is just too good to me. Jason, our son sent me an Amazon gift card on-line. I think I am going to use it to purchase  a Kindle Fire HD.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Jim,Happy(late)Birthday. Glad you are enjoying your true fulltiming. Have to warn you though it only gets better.

  2. Happy birthday, and happy Father's day! Good idea to go to two separate movies..sometimes you have to do that :)

  3. Pretyy soon you will wonder why you ever had a house:)

  4. Happy belated birthday. Catching a bass seems like a fitting way to spend the day!