Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Travel Day to Blanton Creek Park

Tuesday Judy and I woke up at 6:00 AM to another windy and rainy day.  Georgia needs the rain so I am not complaining.  I must say, I was hoping it would not be raining when we went to Scenic Mountain RV park to hitch-up the Cardinal.

We left our house at 8:30 and stopped at the Waffle House in Milledgeville for a breakfast. Judy and I arrived at the Fiver at 9:15. I went to the office to let Glenn, the care taker manager for the park know that I was taking the Cardinal. The heavy rain had stopped but there was a thick mist in the air. Judy and I went through our “hitch-up check list and were pulling off thirty minutes later.

A little foggy
We got to Blanton Creek Park 140 miles away about 3:30 PM. The trip was routine except for some patches of fog. We were unhitched and set-up by 4:00 PM. We did go take a look at the office to see the new carpet. Oh, I forgot to mention that our boss called while we were driving to the park to inform us that the water was off at the park because of a dump station problem, that they hoped to have corrected by Friday. I did not put any water in the freshwater tank as I was told at the meeting that the water was on. Drinking water will not be a problem because we always bring bottled water, showers and other water essential activities may be. I sure hope this problem is short lived!
We went to Wal-Mart in Valley, AL and picked up a few item – $214.00 worth. Once we returned, Judy put everything away and we called it a  day. I will be doing a blog entry on the park in the next few days.

Arriving at Blanton Creek Park, I hope my keys work!

Driving into the park

Set Up but not settled in.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I can almost smell the pine trees now! It looks like the weather cleared up and you arrived in the sunshine. I hope the water problem is fixed. We always carry water....just in case.

  2. Nice to get back into the routine! Looks lovely :)