Saturday, March 2, 2013

Opening Day!

Today was opening day here at Blanton Creek Park. Judy and I have been busy getting the office ready and maintenance crew  were busy finishing a few projects including painting the comfort station, trimming over-hanging branches, and repairing the broken water line.

Finishing Touches

10 judy cleaning      13 pipe

Judy and I reported to the office this AM at 6:30 and there was a line at the gate waiting for the 7 AM opening. When I opened the gate I gave out numbers to the campers so that no one could cut in line. While Judy entered the reservations I took all the incoming phone calls of people calling for reservations. I took their numbers and we called them back in order after we had taken care of all the people in line. Most of the people were making reservations for the Easter weekend, it is also spring break for many of the area schools. We had taken care of the initial group by 8:30 but we remained busy taking phone reservations most of the afternoon.

Ready to kick-off the 2013 Season!

11 at the gate     12 reservation

I was surprised with the number of campers that showed up to camp.  This the earliest that the park has opened.  I was glad that we had ten campers to check in. The weather is going to be pretty cold over the next few days. The camper accommodations ranges from a class “A” to two tent campers.

Some examples of our water front sites   - Only $20.00!!

05 lake side sites     06 site 2
                                 07 site 3
That’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by.
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  1. I'm surprised you were so busy. It looks like it will be beautiful when it greens up a bit. Is there a discount for the Senior pass? I couldn't get the info online.

    1. Karen,
      I have spoken to the regional sup for our area about the areas of concern for the web site and he pushed it up to the next level. We do honor the Senior Pass (Golden Age) but at a much smaller discount ($2.00 per day). Having said that, our rates are much lower than the state parks. Only $20.00 per day and if you book for 7 days the last day is FREE, only $120.00 instead of $140. Reservations may be made 45 days out so let me know if you are going to be in the area.

  2. Wow, looks like a great park!

  3. We will have to take a look at this park when we are out that direction :)