Thursday, February 21, 2013

Money Money Money

The Maddox's have been busy since the last post. We have also been taking a lot of $$ hits. Oh well, it is only money.

Judy and I are trying to get as many dental and medical appointments taken care of before we go to our workamper job next tue.  We  had two dental appointments for cleaning and dental repair work for both of us. Cost: $1200.00 Judy wins the prize for the largest portion of the cost because she needed a crown. She is not content to stop there. Friday she is going to have an out-patient  "blue light"(Photo Dynamic Therapy) treatment at the dermatologist. Cost: $350.00, but Tricare will cover most of it. I will be getting it done at a later date. It is a treatment for precancerous skin cells.

Tue we went to see our CPA.  The news is not going to be good. We don't have a final figure yet. I am guessing the figure will be A Lot. The main reason for the larger tax liability is an IRA withdrawal to pay my truck off. We did know it was going to impact our tax filing.

A bad omen- As we were waiting for our appt with our CPA her cat leaped up on the hood of our car and then walked up our windshield.  We are not cat people!

An insult to financial injury came in our mail forwarding today.  A  "red light violation".  It was not a complete surprise though. We knew by checking our mail forwarding service that we had mail from the Haines City FL police.  Judy has already been on my case for about a week. She could not wait to look at the letter today so she could bitch some more about it. As soon as I took a look at it I knew it was her doings. It occurred the day we left Adelaide Shores RV Park to return home. The picture snapped by the camera was the rear of the CRV. I was driving the truck pulling the fiver.  It was almost worth the $158.00 fine to hear her apologize to me. She did try blame me for not telling her via the walkie talkie that the light was changing!

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by


  1. There it is-even when you are innocent you are wrong:)

    1. A fact learned early into our 38yr marriage!!

  2. Oh NO! That's funny. I have to watch that myself. Jim usually tells me the light is yellow, but if I'm too close to him I go thru it. I've held my breath a couple times hoping it wasn't really red when I went under it. Thanks for the post, it's a good one.

  3. Oh the money comes and the money goes :)

  4. The best line I heard that helps me cope with financial woes is that money is like blood--you need to keep it in circulation. Here's to doing your part!