Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orientation Day

It is almost time for Blanton Creek Park on Lake Harding to open as well as the other GA Power parks scattered around Georgia. GA Power operates six parks with camping facilities, all on major lakes.  If you find yourself transiting through GA stop by and spend a few days with us or one of the other parks.

This is our second orientation day and it was much like last years’. The meeting is held at the GA Power Wallace Dam Complex near where Judy and I live so we did not have to drive but about thirty miles.  It is the only time the park host/gate attendants get to meet with each other. We do sometimes call the other parks to see how they handle situations that aren’t covered in the operations handbook so we can at least put a face with a name. All of us are independent contractors, not employees of GA Power.  The main focus of the meeting other than customer service were the changes to the reservation program software. The rep from the “IT” dept. used a power point presentation to illustrate the changes. Judy and I both thought the changes would be easy to implement.

Meet and Greet

Mike (L) our GA Power Boss and Char and Ed our park co-host

After the meeting we met with Mike (our GA Power boss) and Char and Ed our co-host at the park to go over the park schedule.  One couple works each week then the other couple works the next week. Judy and I will be opening the park this year on March 01. We will be taking the RV up Tue and working in the office Wed and Thur. getting ready for Friday’s opening.  We will mostly be making sure the phones and computer system are up and running. I’ll let you know how that goes next week.

1. Judy is doing well after her out-patient procedure
2. Four Purple Martins have returned so far.

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  1. We may try to get up that way this summer. I went to their website, but found very little on the campgrounds. No rates, no website for reservations and no pictures. Did I miss something?

  2. No you did not miss anything. Even though this is newly redesigned web site it misses the point. I will be discussing this with my boss soon. I will also do an entry when I get back at the park. At least on the old site you could pull up a map of the park complete with site numbers. The address of the park is still not included. The address included is the land management office seven miles away. They should just hire me as a consultant.

  3. Good luck with the new season. We're still looking for something too :)

  4. Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to hearing about your new workamping season.

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