Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Dish

Judy and I are still lamenting our decision to leave Florida when we did.  As it turns out we have been home for the coldest weather of GA’s winter. It was only 24’ when I got up a little while ago. It will only reach 44’ today.

Cold and Windy

153 cold and windy

Judy gets into her cooking mood when she is stuck inside.  I am not complaining because she often goes through her cook books until she finds something that strikes her fancy and I know a new dish is about to be tried.

Saturday being cold and windy was going to be a good cooking day for Judy. She found a new recipe and ran it by me, I commented in my well rehearsed reply, “ sounds good, honey”. That is like the “does this make my butt look big”, questions.  She did a quick survey of the pantry and determined which ingredients she needed and we made a trip to the grocery store to pick up the missing items.

153 recipe

She had decided on a soup recipe since the day was going to be cold. It was a recipe for a  Taco Soup. I was ready for a good soup to enjoy while watching TV. It did not take Judy long to to mix everything up and have it cooking on the stove.  I think from the time she  started until she served it was less than an hour. It was just the thing for a cold inside day. Another soup has now been added to Judy’s cold day repertory.  The only thing I added to it was a cold beer. Try it, you may like it also.

153 soup      153 soup ready to eat

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  1. Love hot soup on a cold day, sure looks good!

  2. Yeah, you probably should have stayed down here a little longer....of course it's cold here today too.

    The soup looks good and I think it could easily be modified to be vegan.

  3. Yum, taco soup! Nothing like warm soup on a cold day.

  4. We didn't get nearly as cold as you are. Nice here today, back in the 70's.

    Graham had asked if we've heard from you two. The only link is the blog, thanks. We all miss you here. I hope Judy is still walking.

  5. Taco soup sounded good...especially on a cold day.