Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The day Before and Christmas Day

The day before Christmas Judy and I did things to get ready for Christmas Day. We still had time to do our fun activities like shuffleboard with Dee and Jim, Judy got her walk in and she prepared a nice broccoli salad as her contribution for the Park Christmas meal. There was also a lot of activity in the kitchen area of the clubhouse. Volunteers were busy cooking. The Park provided turkeys and cooking multiple pans of dressing. Judy and I ended the day by attending a Christmas Eve church service.
Only two things were on our agenda for  Christmas Day, enjoy a nice meal and fellowship at the clubhouse and going to the movie later in the day. The only comment about the meal is MMMMM.. Park residents brought all the side dishes and desserts. I think about 300 people showed up. The event was well organized and was only possible because of the many volunteers that made it happen.

People went over to set-up their table
The Volunteer Cooks did a Great Job
Some of the many guests

Graham  and Valerie enjoying the festivities (Nova Scotia)

Judy and I made it to the 3:50 showing of Les Miserable’s(Trailer). We were worried that it would be sold out before we got there but we got good seats. It did in fact sell out. I am not going to offer my take on it because most people are going to go see it based on their opinion of the play or the advanced hype. The weekend totals are in and it is in first place.

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