Friday, December 28, 2012


The weather was pretty cool for Florida the past couple of mornings. I don't like it when it is in the low to mid 30's. Our heat pump comes in good on those occasions. We have not used our furnace yet. Usually the temp rises to the mid sixties or higher by mid day.

The cooler morning temps have contributed to a reduced number of shuffleboard player. For the past two days we have not had enough players to utilize the five courts. Today only 12 players showed up. Some of the regulars left the park over the holidays to spend time with family. They should all return by Monday or Tuesday.

Tonight Judy and I went over to the clubhouse to play cards. We were short a few of the regulars for cards also. I think we had fifteen people in our group tonight. Three other card groups were there as well. I had a good night, winning the first three hands of "3-13 cards" and Judy won at least one hand in her group.

Ready to play

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  1. Our park is full of RVs, but no people either. Guess they went visiting too.