Thursday, December 20, 2012


It was a cold day here in Fl. today, at least in Orlando at the Gaylord Palms Resort. A freezing nine degrees to be exact. Judy and I met up with our friends Bill and Treva to go to the Madagascar "ICE Spectacular". It was a series of ICE Sculptures of the characters from the Madagascar Pixar movie.

Since it was an ice sculpture event, I knew it would be cold but I wasn't ready for a 9 degree ice box with cold air constantly being blown in via overhead ducting. Shorts were not a good idea. Guest were supplied with a mid length coat to wear upon entering the gallery. Gloves would have been nice. Treva did bring a pair for her and Judy. Bill, also in shorts and I had to "suck it up".  So if you are in the area and decide to go see the show, dress like you are going to be stranded in the Yukon.

Note: click to enlarge pics for best view.

Madagascar Cast

Treva and Judy in front of an Ice Waterfall - looking COLD

Alex and the Madagascar gang!


The last sculptures was a beautiful Nativity Scene.

We had a great time and look forward to visiting Bill and Treva after the holidays. We finished with a nice lunch at Chili's. It was much warmer there.

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  1. Wow..what amazing sculptures! Now I see what you meant by it was cold in Orlando!

  2. How cool (cold) was that! Very nice, never heard of that. We are a bit cold here in northern CA. Only in the 50's. No shorts for awhile for us!