Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Little Work and some Play

Judy and I are learning the routine here. We are also meeting many of the other park guests. Everyone we have met has been friendly and helpful.

Today Judy and I went over to the 8:00 AM    shuffle board game. Today’s game was a little different variation to the basic game. A bowling pin was placed just behind the 10 spot. If it was knocked over, ten points were deducted from the offending team.  We play a three game set, having a different partner for each game.
Judy at Suffle Board Court
Once back at the Cardinal I washed the outside windows and Judy got the inside windows.  As I was finishing up Dee and dropped by to remind us about the salad luncheon. We had actually forgotten about it but we had made other plans. We are going have to put events on our phone’s calendar to remind us. Jim also came over and told us about the movie they went to see Tue.
Judy and I had lunch at a local restaurant while we were out of the park.  Once back Judy got her walk in and I read some. Judy joined me under the awning to read her book when she got back.
Curled up with a good book!
After we first got here we noticed most RVs have a sun blocker attached to the awning. The sun makes it very uncomfortable to sit outside without one. I went to a local RV shop and bought a “Care Free” awning screen. It was easy to install and it makes being outside much more enjoyable.
New Sunblocker Screen
That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. The weather is perfect for reading outside. I'm so glad you're enjoying the park.