Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking the Plunge

Judy and I drove the short ten miles down to Sebring Sat. to go to the Sears at the mall. My beard trimmer finally died.  I have been unable to find one that I like at Wally World. After a quick search online I found one to my liking (the same model that I needed to replace) reportedly sold Sears. Once there I was disappointed to find it wasn’t in stock. I did pick up some new ear buds for my Droid to listen to my Rhapsody music service on the go.
On the way back to the park Judy had me stop by the post office to mail a few Christmas cards. We aren’t sending very many this year. We may just do a Christmas letter and send it out via email.  After dropping the cards off we decided to stop for lunch. As we drove to the PO we saw what we thought was a Mexican restaurant so we headed to it. Once we got there we were not so sure it was a restaurant. I sent Judy in to check it out. She returned and told me it was a Hispanic grocery store. As we were leaving we saw a section of the building with people sitting down at tables. Judy jumped out to go check. She didn’t have to go in because a man and his family were getting in their car. He told her it was an eating section. In we went. We found it was a combo Hispanic grocery and diner. We figured if the local Hispanic community ate there it must be good.  The menu above counter was in Spanish. The only Spanish I know for ordering a meal is “Combo number xxx”. Once  we got to the counter we found a menu we could interpret. I can tell you English was not the primary language. Our meals were very good and authentic. We will be going back.
The Grocery Section
The Ordering Counter 
The Finished Product
Judy and I had one more stop to make before we returned home. She was going to try a new recipe and needed a few items. After getting what she needed we returned home.

We put the items up and decided we would go play a few rounds of shuffle board and then go swimming. Judy beat me 2 out three matches.  We walked through the clubhouse over to the pool area and found only two people in the pool. It was Greg and Alexia (SP) a couple we had met a couple of nights earlier as we walked around the park. We put our towels on the pool loungers and took the plunge – not really, no diving. Like most other activities our swim turned into a social event.  As Greg and Alexia left another couple entered the pool. We spent the next half hour or so talking to Norm and Jen from NH.  Feeling very relaxed we toweled off and walked home.
The Pool

We finished off the day with the new pasta dish and Broccoli salad Judy made.  It was yummy but we forgot the wine.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Mexican restaurant.

    We need to get together foot shuffle board.