Friday, November 16, 2012

Visitors and a Movie

Wed afternoon my friend Peter and his wife Rebecca arrived at Manatee Springs Park for an overnight stay.  They are going further south to operate a Christmas tree lot.  I met Peter on through the Workamper Forum last year. It turned out that his home base is in Eatonton, Ga. only a few miles from where our home base is located.  We began meeting at a local “Huddle House” once a week when were home.  After they got their motor home parked they came over to our fiver and we visited some until we went out to dinner. It was nice to meet Rebecca.  After a very nice meal at the ABC Italian/Greek Restaurant we went back to our place where Judy served coffee and a cheese cake she had made. Peter and Rebecca left about 8:30 AM Thurs.  I am sure our paths will cross again before we leave Fl in Feb.

Peter and Rebecca

Judy and I had planned to visit Homosassa State Park and wildlife preserve Thur. but the weather was cool and dreary so we decided to trash that plan for the time being.  We decided to have a movie day instead.  Chiefland doesn’t have a movie so we traveled to Ocala. We went to the new James Bond movie – Sky Fall.(TrailerJudy and I were surprised when we paid for our refreshments, two large cokes and large popcorn for $10.00.  At home it cost almost $15.00 for one large drink and a medium pop corn.  I would rate the movie as “OK”.  I considered it to be a transitional movie. It is worth going to see though.

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  1. We thought the Bond movie was beyond excellent. It may be up for picture of the year, that's a first.

    Looking forward to seeing you shortly. We're all settled in for the winter.