Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Manatees are Here

Seasonable weather has returned and I am glad. The two nights with lows in the mid 30’s caused me to question our location.  I even retrieved the Lasko ceramic heater out of the basement.  We even used the heat pump a little.

One of park rangers stopped by at 8:30 and told us that a large group of manatee was down by the walkway at the river.  We got dressed and headed on down to see them.  We counted 14 manatees hanging out.
Manatee swimming below us

After we returned to the fiver I told Judy I wanted to go drive the dually into Chiefland and get at least a half a tank of diesel since I had not topped off the tank when we arrived here at the end of Sep. I plan to finish filling the tank just before we head further south on Dec. first. We seldom drive the truck since we have the CRV with us. I decided that it would be a good idea to have the tires rotated also.  Judy followed me into town in the CRV so I could leave the truck and not have to sit around waiting.

Once back at the park we cleaned the comfort station at 2:30 PM.  I had checked it before we had gone into town.  By 4PM our loop was getting full with campers. It is the weekend!  I received a call from Chiefland Tire Service letting me know that I could pick up the truck.  As Judy and I headed back to town in the CRV the wrench symbol illuminated prompting Judy to ask “What’s the problem. She was worried because we are going to be driving the CRV to M’ville (280 miles) Monday.  I checked the display and saw that the “oil life” was indicating 15% - time for an oil change.  When I went in to pay for the tire rotation on the truck I ask if they could change the oil on the CRV. The clerk said they could, so we also had the oil changed .   

On the way back to the park, Judy stopped by wal-mart and picked up a frozen pizza and a movie from “Red Box”.  I stopped by the Murphy gas center and put $75.00 worth of diesel in the truck. 

At dusk I made a fire in the fire ring and Judy put the pizza in the oven.  Twenty minutes later Judy and I were enjoying a slice of pizza, a cold beer and a nice campfire!

Welcome to new followers Nan and John.  That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Sounds like a productive day. Glad to see the Manatees back.

  2. Another day in paradise! We can't wait until we can see manatees in Florida. Have to be next year or so, though.