Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Day trip

Judy and I will be going on our last “Day Trip” this morning.  That means we will be leaving Manatee Springs soon. In fact we will be leaving here in eight days.  I plan to write a complete entry on our volunteer experience here just after we leave.

Today we are driving sixty miles south to Homosassa, to the state park wild life preserve. We had planned to go last week but the weather was too dreary.  I’ll write an entry about the trip Thursday or Friday.

Since Judy and I have no family in the area we will be going to the “Cracker Barrel” in Gainesville near I75 for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. No reason for Judy to prepare a large meal for the two of us. We will miss having dinner with family though.  We will also go see a movie on Thanksgiving Day as part of our holiday tradition.  Judy and I wish all our family and blog readers a happy Thanksgiving.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. If you buy a Florida State Park annual pass (for about $120) you can get into Homosassa Springs SP for free. I don't know if it would be beneficial for you or not, but we had one last year and got our moneys' worth and Homosassa is more expensive than most state parks. Just FYI.

    I don't know what your plans are, but they are looking for work campers at Bluewater Key Rv resort in Key West. It's truly a resort and the most beautiful campground I've seen. Your site would be huge, on a canal, tiki hut..... It may be filled by now. The sites rent for 4500 a month is the's high end...

    1. Karen,
      Thanks for the information. I will be filing the tip about Bluewater Key away for the 13/14 season.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. We usually aren't by family for most holidays, but this time we are! Nice pulling your home around the country at times :)