Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Sunday was a big checkout day as usual. Judy and I decided to delay cleaning the comfort station for two reasons, 1. We try not to close the comfort station on Sunday before 1PM so the campers will have access until check-out time, and 2. We wanted to clean the station later because we were leaving very early Mon. to return to GA to vote.  We cleaned it at 4:00 PM. By that time only four sites were occupied and three were RV’s.  We told the office we would make sure the comfort site was clean before we left early Mon. When I checked before we got on the road at 5 AM it appeared that the comfort station had not been used since we had last cleaned them.

This weekend about 200 law enforcement members stayed at the park attending “divers” training. In fact a few divers were attending from CA.  Manatee Springs has over eight miles of underwater caves. Many of the visitors that come to the park come to scuba dive.
LEO Diver Training

Judy and I both voted this morning as soon as our assigned polling site opened. It was about 42’ and raining lightly.  Judy will be planted in front from 7PM until the election results are in. I think this is the most important election I have ever voted in.  It was certainly an election with two clearly opposite choices.


We will be getting our annual physicals tomorrow.  Judy will be seeing my doctor as her doctor for the first time. I hope that made since. We believe it is easier to schedule appts if we have the same Dr.

That’s all for now thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Good for you voting. It should be a very interesting outcome.

  2. Glad you made the extra effort to get out and vote.

  3. I remember also getting that Georgia peach voting sticker a few times.

    Glad you made the effort..this is indeed an important election!