Saturday, November 24, 2012

Homosassa State Park

Last Wed Judy and I took a day trip to Homosassa State Park.  It was a short fifty mile drive south on US 98 and just south of Crystal River. It was a much nicer day than we had originally planned for the visit. It was sunny and 72 during most of our time there.

The park became a state park in the mid 80’s after being owned privately from the mid 20’s.  It was a situated on a major tourist route before the interstate system siphoned off much of its tourist traffic.  Many people would stop to see the exotic animals on display there. Walt Disney used it for the location of some of his movies. Some of my older readers may remember the TV show “Gentle Ben” which was filmed here as well as some others.

After the state took over a new mission was undertaken, it was to showcase as many mammals, reptiles, birds, and vegetation indigenous to Florida in as natural setting as possible.  Once at the visitor center you must take a tram or boat ride to the wildlife area.  I recommend the boat ride.

We took the boat to the wildlife center
Enjoying the sun
Taking an afternoon nap
Heed the sign
Lu the hippo (the only non indigenous animal in the park)
There are many more animals in the park than the ones I have shown, so stop by the park if you are in the area to see all of them.
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  1. Have to put that one on our list of to dos!

  2. Jim: Stumbled over your blog through Dee's "My Blog List". I'm active duty USN and stationed onboard USS BLUE RIDGE (Yokosuka, Japan). I'm talking with the Detailer for my next/last duty station. I'll retire 1 Sep 17 after 30 years. My wife and I will be FTing starting 2 Sep 17!
    I don't update my blog as nothing relating to RVing is going on, that should change when I transfer from here and back to the states in summer 2013. (Hopefully I get AIRPAC @ NAS North Island).
    Maria and I made our decision in 2007 to go FT when I retire from USN. We changed the dates as I've advanced (LOL!!).
    So....just wanted to introduce myself and I'll read your blog to get all the knowledge I can.

    P.S. Can't wait to put the USN-RETIRED logo on my FaceBook and Blog.

    1. Steve,
      I have been following Jim and Dee's blog since they first hit the road. You can gain a lot of knowledge and information reading these blogs. You made a good decision to extend you active duty and finish up at a higher grade (E9). It does make a difference. I was an OS most of my career until I went into the CMC program. I retired in 95 and became a middle school teacher (7th grade) for 15 yrs. Judy and I are enjoying our time as extended RVers. It will be time to put that USN-Retired logo on your blog and FB before you know it.